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This Week in History:
(72 years ago)

July 1943

30 July 1943

n the 30th of July they were moved to the Army Air Base at Pocatello, Idaho where they were joined with their ground echelon. The first phase of training was accomplished there. This included local area flights, bombing and aerial gunnery practice.

9 July 1943

3. A Command and Staff Cadre planned to consist of fifty two (52) Officers and eighty
   one (81) Enlisted men, to include four (4) model crews, was ordered to AAFSAT,
   Orlando, Florida, to begin a course of instruction on 9 July 1943.

This Cadre came largely from the Officers and Enlisted men then in the Group at Gowen Field as shown by Par. 1 and 2 of Special Order No 182, Gowan Field. However, many others were ordered directly to Orlando from their previous stations.

Lt. Col. Robert L Snider, designated in said Paragraph of Orders No. 180 and 182, as Deputy Group Commander, was transferred upon his arrival in Orlando and he left the  Group immediately for a new assignment.

Messages awaited the arrival of Captain Hamilton I Lee, of Texas and 1st Lt. George Lindholm, of California, advising each of the death of his father while these officers were enroute to Florida. In each instance, the great travel distance prevented the officers from attempting a trip to his home at the time.

June 1943

29 June 1943

On 29 June 1943, Colonel Miller assumed command of said Group at Gowen Field, under the provisions of AR 600-20.

The original activation order provided for or authorized the following details:

1. The 29th Bombardment Group (H), Gowen Field, Boise, Idaho, was named as the parent Group of the new organization.

2. Under Special Order No. 180, Par. 36 dated 29 June 1943, Air Base Headquarters, Gowen Field, fifty five (55) Officers and two hundred thirty one (231) Enlisted men were assigned from the 29th Bombardment Group(H), to the new Organization as follows:

 a. Headquarters Detachment - Eight (8) Officers, including, Lt. Col. Robert L 
    Snider, Deputy Group Commander, and Lt. Col. Leslie D Stephenson, Group Executive
    Officer, and eleven (11) Enlisted men.

 b. 732nd Bomb Squadron (H) - Twelve (12) Officers including Major Curtis H Cofield,
    Squadron Commander, and Major Haydon A Trigg, Squadron Executive Officer, and fifty
    five (55) Enlisted men.

 c. 733rd Bomb Squadron (H) - Twelve (12) Officers, including Major Robert C Sears,
    Squadron Commander, and Major Dana E Smith, Squadron Executive Officer, and fifty
    five (55) Enlisted men.

 d. 734th Bomb Squadron (H) - Eleven (11) Officers, including Major Edward F Hubbard,  
    Squadron Commander, and Major George L Brantingham, Squadron Executive Officer, and
    Fifty Five (55) Enlisted men.

 e. 735th Bomb Squadron (H) - Twelve (12) Officers, including Major Robert F Harris,
    Squadron Commander, and Major Lee R Crawford, Squadron Executive Officer, and fifty
    five (55) Enlisted men.

The 453rd Bombardment Group (H) was born in the hills of Idaho on 29 June 1943 at Gowen Field, Boise Idaho. Immediately upon their activation the flying echelon proceeded to the Army Air Force School of Applied Tactics at Orlando, Florida where they received training and instruction in heavy bombardment tactics, gunnery weapons etc.

22 June 1943

he 453rd Bombardment Group (H) was organized by the Second Bomber Command, Fort George Wright, Washington, pursuant to the order of the Second Air Force, Colorado Springs, Colorado, dated 22 June 1943.

Special Orders No. 90, Headquarters Second Air Force, dated 22 June 1943 released Colonel Joseph A Miller, 0-18211, from assignment and duty, said Headquarters, and designated him as the Commanding Officer of the 453rd Bombardment Group (H), Gowen
Field, Boise, Idaho.
In Honor of:
Engineer T/Sgt. Wallace Edward Habenicht and Bombardier Lt. Leo W. Ryan
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